Monday, March 5, 2012

Nubbin To See Here Folks

My poor index fingernail. It broke the other night and it looks horrendous in dark polishes. I wore my new Revlon Scandalous on Saturday after it broke and it looked so bad!  I noticed before I painted my nails on Saturday though that my thumbnail had a crack below the nail line, too. Ugh, I just broke that nail not too long ago. At least it is already somewhat short. I patched it up with some toilet paper and nail glue and I hope to get a few more days before it actually breaks, it it actually does. What a pain, (literally sometimes).  

I didn't snap a picture of the Revlon Scandalous on Saturday. Sorry!  You can google it, apparently it used to be called Revlon Facets of Fuchsia if that helps for reference. I will be wearing it again but not very soon. It was a glittery nightmare trying to get that off of my nails and then off of my skin after that. 

I really wanted to wear my Nfu Oh 65 that I just received on Friday but it probably would have looked bad, too- especially on my thumb nail with the slightly uneven glue/tissue patch.

Last night I decided to go with one of my all-time favorites: Orly Prince Charming. 

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