Monday, March 19, 2012

One Of My New Favorite Manis

I ended up painting my nails with a green for St. Patrick's Day.  Why? I have no idea. Really, it was just another Saturday to us.  We went to lunch with my mom, step-dad, and a couple of my friends. We laughed for probably 2 hours straight. It was such a good time. My husband and I scooted over to Papa Murphy's to pick up a take and bake pizza for dinner later, Bacon Cheeseburger flavor (I have been craving one for at least a week). It was so delicious.  After we ate, I painted my nails and took a nap.  Then we watched a couple movies.  This is how Saturdays (holiday or no) should be spent!  

Back to the nails.... I painted (as always, Orly Bonder and 2 coats of Instant Artificials as the base) 2 coats of Orly Lucky Duck, topped with one coat of Valentino from Pretty & Polished (Etsy, she makes amazing frankens), followed by a coat of Seche Vite. Speaking of Pretty & Polished I bought another bottle of hers last night, Hello Dolly, and I am pretty excited for it.  It is very similar to Valentino but has extra color glitters in it.  You will definitely be seeing a photo of that later in the week as it has already shipped.

So, here are my pretties (excuse the ouchy cuticle on my middle finger, I just caught it on an accordian file at work this morning. Ow.)


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