Thursday, February 23, 2012

If only....

If only you could really see the true color of my manicure.  The picture just doesn't do it justice. AT ALL.  I'm wearing 2 coats of IA, 1 coat Orly Bonder, 2 coats Orly Naughty, 1 coat Kleancolor Chunky Holo Black (did not change the color of the Orly Naughty, btw), and one top coat of the amazing Seche Vite.  The picture below is a decent representation but what you miss in real life is how deep the maroon is and the flakies shimmer blood red. Disregard the medical tape on my fingers. Winter is not kind to me and I am taking extreme measures trying to moisturize a couple of my knuckles. I'm talking neosporin and medical tape for a couple hours this morning.

Also, I am not driving, I am sitting in my driveway. Safety first, kiddos!

Ok, so I tried another picture at my desk at work, disregard that medical tape, ha. I should just tell people I am lousy in the kitchen and burn all my fingers all the time.

I haven't loved my nail color this much since I wore Orly Prince Charming for the first time.  Trust me, it might seem like a plain color that doesn't attract attention but it sure caught mine. Over and over and over..


  1. ok i googled "kleancolor chunky holo black" but all i can find are reviews but not a site to purchase it. IT'S SO PRETTY I MUST HAVE IT!


    It is #236 (the very last one).. I think you have to buy $25 worth of product on that site before they ship. I ordered from them once and it wasn't a problem for me since I ordered like 12 bottles. All of the chunky holos (at the end by #236 are freaking gorgeous).

  3. o.o their stuff is cheap. do you have a list of the polishes + other beauty items you've gotten from there?