Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Sunday Boredom

On Sunday (2/19), I decided to paint my nails a pretty pink color. Then I was planning on doing a glitter gradient. This was my first attempt and it looked horrendous.  So, I took the polish and glitter off and decided to go another route. Vibrant blue and black tips. I'm glad I clipped and filed them down, I think it looks very nice and uniform.

This was also my first attempt at using tip guide stickers. If you notice the dots on my index finger, this was not planned. I didn't let my blue dry enough and my first sticker took a chunk out of my blue. Was I going to start over AGAIN? Heck to the no!  I got out a dotting tool, a couple fun colors and went to town covering up that hole. So I am left with my index fingers (had to make the other one match) all dotted up. While I probably won't do index finger dots like this again, it is sort of fun this time around.

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