Monday, February 27, 2012

Rando Update

Not much to report far.  I have been wearing Essie Armed and Ready all weekend.   I was going to paint something fun last night but my latest haul of polish arrives today and I thought I'd wait until tonight to paint them since my mani from Friday still looks good.  I will upload a picture later today of all my order once it arrives.  This order is super exciting because it has the Hunger Games polishes in it (the ones I wanted anyway, I didn't need to rush out and get a couple of the colors, I could wait on those).  This order also has some Orly polishes (Orly is one of my favoritest brands, yes, I know that isn't a word) along with a backup of Instant Artificials and Seche Vite. I needed to hit the $50 mark for free shipping, plus I had 15% off! Good time to get backups of my base and top coats, right? I thought so.

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