Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I'm Alive

Sorry about the absence this week. Yes, I am still painting my nails. Monday night I put on China Glaze Smoke and Ashes from the Hunger Games collection and it quickly became a favorite of mine. I urge you to go buy it. Unfortunately, I do not have a picture to show you.  I mentioned before that Winter is not kind to my skin. That being stated, I shall inform you that I have eczema. A really icky kind of it on my hands, too.   My dumbass tried to correct the dryness because my knuckles were cracking and it hurt. The dumbass part of this is that I used lotion on my hands. The form of eczema I have really doesn't like lotion. It makes it worse.  So, the last few days I have been soaking my hands in epsom salt (shit burns on my raw fingers and knuckles, yo) trying to dry them back out.  I bought some crazy expensive lotion that actually appears to be helping for once...and by helping, I mean not royally screwing my skin up.  I guess I am destined to buy $15 small bottles of lotion. Damn the man, I say!  There, it is out there. So if you see me wearing tape on my fingers, I'm not bleeding, I'm not contagious, I'm just trying to spare others of unsightly ickies (yes, technical term) and it helps me not to scratch.

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